Handlebars that make me laugh every morning!Submitted by: bikesarestupid
my strawberry mustache tattoo!

Submitted by: lolnudity


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For sale here!

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Submitted by: ioannesbodyfitness.tumblr.com
My Handlebar Mustache ↘


Submitted by: chewythecherry
My mustache, uncurled.Submitted by: beardojoe
Found this gem on imgur. Thought y’all would enjoy it.
Submitted by: indiewithhipstertendencies
These are my mustaches and i love them.
Submitted by: brbbowflexing
Epic mustache board

BOOM! Mustache feat. skateboard on thedailyboard.tumblr.com

Submitted by Rom and Rom

(This is AMAZING! -Evee fymustaches)

I Mustache You A Question - Jenbaenium.tumblr.com
Mustache Man!

This guy certainly loves his mustache.

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Mustache Man!

Submitted by oroyplata

twiddle or die